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The extraction of alumina involves energy-intensive processes, such as digestion, evaporation and liquor heating. The challenge? How best to recover and reuse process waste heat to reduce costs and raise yields. To succeed, aluminum manufacturers require process know-how as well as highly reliable equipment and smart services that optimize performance, ensure uptime and increase profitability.

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Evaporate costs in alumina production

In digestion, evaporation, liquor heating and other energy-intensive processes in alumina production, vast amounts of heat can be recovered and fed back into the process for significant energy savings and an unparalleled yield.

Alfa Laval’s compact plate heat exchangers are extremely thermally efficient and highly corrosion-resistant, handling the aggressive and fouling environments of this process with ease.

Gasketed plate heat exchangers can be used in tandem as a liquor exchanger. The heat from the pregnant liquor is captured and used to pre-heat the spent liquor before evaporation.

Gasketed plate heat exchangers use flash steam from the evaporation of spent liquor to pre-heat the same liquor before feeding it back into the evaporators. This arrangement will reduce energy consumption as well as mimimizing fouling and maintenance on the heat exchanger.

All our heat exchangers achieve high turbulence, reducing the risk of fouling during operation, making high-pressure and chemical cleaning highly effective and reducing downtime. In addition, their compact size saves space and energy as well as installation costs.

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