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Every one of our channel partners is important to us. They are a core part of how we do business, helping us achieve presence in the marketplace. That’s why we are dedicated to helping each of our channel partners grow.


Why become an Alfa Laval partner

Alfa Laval is a customer-oriented organization with a global offering, based on quality and service. As part of our commitment, we have developed a special Partnership program, whose purposes are common growth and providing successful solutions to our customers.

We are committed to offering you:

  • A brand recognized on the market;
  • A portfolio among the best in the industry;
  • A Partnership based on mutual benefits;
  • A large customer base and the largest installed stock of products in the world;
  • Marketing activities that help you grow your existing business and generate new ones;
  • Digital platforms available 24/7 for: product configuration, training, installed basic access, business management;
  • A firm commitment to business ethics and sustainability.

Infinite Ways to Success!

Skills Development

Access to our selected training programs on products, technical skills development and digitization.


Access to Alfa Laval communication and promotion content.

Digital Transactions

eBusiness via Alfa Laval Anytime 24/7


Visibility on the Alfa Laval website

pugnetto amicizia

Alfa Laval is a leading global supplier of specialised products and engineering solutions. Our machinery, solutions and services are dedicated to helping customers optimise the performance of their processes. Contact our Partner Managers to learn more about Alfa Laval and embark on this journey, together!

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