How much has your BioPharm pump been tested and validated?

Not only has the Alfa Laval LKH UltraPure range of pharmaceutical pumps been installed in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants around the world for decades, but they are recognized by virtually all validation groups and associations – From BPE to FDA compliance to EHEDG and 3A – to name a few.

The Alfa Laval LKH UltraPure pumps reliability goes beyond certification and API documentation requirements, where all validation starts with material sourcing, and continues with each pump being fully tested before shipping.


In fact, each pump includes a thorough material sourcing and process validation report that we call Alfa Laval Q-Docs – providing full raw material traceability and sourcing, even down to the pump seal material. And while each pump shipped is tested to full process conditions, our testing doesn’t stop there. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) together with our state of the art rheology laboratory gives Alfa Laval a full understanding of pump shear stress relative to fluid behaviour thus optimising pump geometry and pump selection to reduce product degradation.

Alfa Laval LKH UltraPure

LKH UltraPure pump

UltraPure pharma pumps image


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