Gum processing

A wide range of gums are used throughout the food industry in products such as margarine, chocolate, chewing gum, bakery, and convenience foods, as well as in increasing numbers of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and technical applications.

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The gums used in the food industry can consist of hydrocolloids such as alginates, carrageenans, galactomannans (carob gum – or locust bean gum – and guar gum), biopolymers (xanthan gum and scleroglucan) and pectins (both high methoxyl and low methoxyl).

Additional gums are gradually receiving approval as knowledge about the unique properties and commercial potential of these natural products grows.

The Alfa Laval systems most frequently used to process gums include:

  • Purification using membrane filtration technology for microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration
  • Specialist decanter centrifuges for separation
  • Contherm scraped-surface heat exchangers for heating and cooling duties
  • Spiral heat exchangers for a wide range of heating/cooling duties