The quick, reliable way to boost hand sanitizer production


"Ramping up production of hand sanitizer
akes know-how. We know how!"

Increasing your hand-sanitizer production?

No wonder. Forecasts point to increased need for liquid soaps, hand sanitizers and cleaning agents, thanks to more hygiene-conscious consumers in the fight against Covid-19.


Safety first

While there are big opportunities, there are big challenges too. Make sure you select the right partner who has the right equipment to match your viscosity, hygiene, system pressure or safety requirements. Whether you’re a brewer or distiller, a fashion brand turned hand sanitizer producer or a personal care manufacturer expanding your process lines, you can count on Alfa Laval for support every step of the way.


“Ramping up production of hand sanitizer takes know-how. We know how,” says Carl Williams, Industry Manager, Home and Personal Care, Alfa Laval.


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Thorough mixing, 50% energy savings, 50% less production time

Take mixing with carbomers, for instance. It’s a tricky business. Yet you can count on the Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixer for the perfect blend. Thorough, efficient mixing translates into up to 50% in energy savings as well as up to a 50% reduction in production time.


The Hybrid Powder Mixer is among the extensive range of Alfa Laval hygienic equipment, including ATEX-certified equipment such as pumps, valves, mixing equipment and tank cleaning machines, approved for use in processing alcohol-based hand sanitizers.


In fact, you can depend on all Alfa Laval equipment to process viscous personal care products to deliver:


  • Improved hygiene
  • High productivity and high yields
  • Safety first
  • Big savings in energy, water and cleaning media costs
  • Faster time to market
HPM with powderbag

Boost yield while saving energy, water and cleaning media using Alfa Laval equipment to produce liquid soaps, hand sanitizer and cleaning agents. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on offer.

Hybrid Powder Mixer

Count on highly effective, energy-efficient powder-liquid mixing for a truly homogeneous blend. Compared to conventional mixers, it provides thorough mixing, reduced processing time, and up to 50% in energy savings.

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Hybrid Powder Mixer M15

Single Seat Valves

Robust, reliable and versatile, these purpose-designed valves support uninterrupted production and meet high standards of hygiene. Ideal for use in potentially explosive environments is the Unique SSV ATEX.

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Unique SSV with ThinkTop V50

SRU Pump

Low-shear, energy-efficient, and intrinsically safe, this ATEX-approved rotary lobe gently transports sensitive products like hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, and cleaning agents – and delivers up to 50% in energy savings.

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SRU FS1605