Cut up to 90% of your valve Cleaning-in-Place costs


Save money and reach your sustainability goals with a CIP upgrade
You may not know that, on average, 20% of total energy consumption of most manufacturing plants goes towards CIP. This means upgrading your CIP systems is a huge opportunity to increase sustainability and profitability at your plant.

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Make smart upgrading choices now
Get inspired. Imagine what 30% in pump energy savings, 70% in water savings from tank cleaning systems, 80% in agitator energy savings, and up to 90% in valve CIP water savings can do to your bottom line. Explore the Cleaning-in-Place optimization eBook.

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Don’t miss out on big savings
Seeing is believing may be a cliché. But when you see the cold hard facts on energy, water and cleaning media savings, you see how easy it is to reach your company’s sustainability goals by upgrading to the latest Alfa Laval Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) technologies.

How much can you save?
Let Alfa Laval help you walk your sustainability talk. At Alfa Laval, we make good on our promises. No hot air, just cold hard facts on how you can reduce your costs and reach your sustainability goals.

With an Alfa Laval Equipment Audit using our Joules sustainability tool, you get in-depth equipment performance analyses, calculations and validation of efficiency improvements and CIP upgrading savings.

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