2020-05-12 Product news

Innovative solutions for industrial processing of insects

Alfa Laval and Buhler Insect Protein Technologies will present their innovative solutions for the industrial-scale processing of insects (black soldier fly larvae) into protein meal and lipids for food and animal feed applications.

Date: 28 May 2020

In this free webinar you will learn about:

  • Why insects are important for the future global food chain and how insect processing can help in solving “the protein gap” and meeting organic waste-disposal challenges
  • Innovative solutions for processing insects – from pilot scale to full-scale industrial plants.
  • The different processing options today and their pros & cons


About the speaker(s):

Andriy Revva has more than 15 years’ experience from the food and pharma industries and is currently engaged in providing solutions for the protein industry, with a focus on flow, separation, heat transfer and evaporation technologies. Andriy holds an M.Sc. in Engineering.


Who will benefit from this webinar:

Business owners and professionals working in the processing of:

Business owners and professionals looking to solve organic waste-disposal challenges with sustainable solutions.


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