Committed to a brighter world

The year is coming to an end. As usual, we would like to express a heartfelt thank you for our co-operation during 2021. We look forward to a continuing and prosperous relationship, focusing on developing leading-edge, sustainable solutions that give both people and our planet a brighter future.

And we hope to do this together. During the past year, Alfa Laval has installed heat exchangers in our customers’ energy efficiency applications, saving a total of 50GW. This saving has resulted in an annual carbon emissions reduction of 25 million tons – slightly more than the emissions from the city of Paris. Talk about climate compensation... not to mention the joy and power of partnerships.

Season's greetings

A partnership to accelerate your sustainability

Every kW of energy saved is just as valuable as producing one new kW of clean energy. At Alfa Laval we know how to make your processes more efficient – and more sustainable. For more than 90 years, we have developed plate heat exchangers to optimize thermal transfer in heating and cooling duties.

In this video you can learn how our innovative solutions are already supporting customers’ increased need for energy efficiency and emission reduction.

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