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Sustainability is good for business

Sustainability is now firmly on management agendas worldwide, according to a new report. Sustainable business practices are not only positive for the planet and its inhabitants, but they are also good for the bottom line.

Sustainability as a business strategy

Malaysian refinery saves energy

In its efforts to continually implement sustainable practices in its operations, Petronas has invested in cutting-edge energyefficient technology.

Refiner's formula for energy efficiency

The world's first floating natural gas plant - FLNG

In South Korea, construction of the world’s first floating liquefied natural gas plant is under way. When completed it will allow natural gas to be harvested in difficult-to-reach or otherwise constrained underwater locations and processed directly on site. Alfa Laval technology is part of the project.


Wastewater solution in Chicago

Every day urban areas release up to 250 million cubic metres of untreated wastewater into our planet’s waterways. In Chicago, the world’s largest water reclamation plant is cleaning up those statistics by using technology that transforms billions of litres of wastewater daily into clean water and agricultural by-products.

From filthy to fresh in Chicago

Membranes profitable solution for Arla Denmark

The whey of itAt its plant set amongst the rolling fields outside the small Danish town of Videbæk, dairy producer Arla is turning what was once regarded as waste into a highly refined food ingredient. It is just one of the environmental benefits Arla gets from using Alfa Laval membrane technology.

The Whey of it


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