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Alfa Laval at Drinktec 2017 – together we “Make it happen”

Make it happen at the Alfa Laval stand Hall B3, stand 3-323 at Drinktec, where we will focus on how beverage and beer producers can increase yield throughout the production process, reach the right diversity of flavour and achieve purity of taste in the products, at the same time maximize energy efficiency, uptime, water savings and waste recovery.

Alfa Laval De- alcoholization Module

Among the product exhibits to highlight is our De-alcoholization Module – a streamlined combination of heat exchangers, instruments and flow control to efficiently provide non-alcohol beer below 0.05% alcohol by volume at low temperature and pressure in one process with minimum use of utilities, and at low cost. The module first degasses the beer, returns condensable volatiles back to the beer stream, and then removes alcohol using culinary steam flowing upwards in a special stripping column. The alcohol exits as a vapour, which is condensed and collected. This fully automated, energy-efficient module gives a reliable single-pass alcohol removal, using a stripping principle that is exceptionally effective at low temperature and pressure, keeping operating costs to a bare minimum.


On display, visitors will also be able to touch and see:

  • Alfa Laval LKH Prime – a self-priming pump featuring the new air screw technology. Designed to deliver maximum efficiency of CIP systems in beer and beverage production, whilst offering quiet operation.  It can also pump product, reducing capital investment.
  • Alfa Laval TJ40G Rotary Jet Head – a tank cleaning machine that provides exceptional cleanability and end-product quality while minimizing the risk of contamination. It is designed to optimize your water and chemical savings.
  • Alfa Laval Brew 2001 – the only high-capacity fully-hermetic bottom-feed solution for optimum pre-clarification and polishing of beer. It offers you high-yield yet gentle treatment, with a highly energy-efficient and trouble-free operation.
  • Alfa Laval Foodec decanter – ideal for improving production yield throughout the brewing process, from wort recovery and waste water treatment to dewatering of spent grain and yeast.
  • Alfa Laval Iso-Mix – Rotary jet mixers are well proven to optimize beer fermentation and are also used for blending and beverage-syrup preparation. A special version can also handle dry hopping. This system improves quality and reduces mixing time, energy consumption and costs.
  • Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixer – Ideal for the dissolving of powders such as sweeteners or stabilizers in beverage production. Features two pumps with a shared drive, eliminating the need for additional pumps.

Brewery – large and small

Alfa Laval’s advanced brewery solutions, from stand-alone modules to complete process blocks, are designed to support you as a beer producer reach higher yields while minimizing energy and water consumption, waste and emissions. Our services also include audits and upgrades to enhance performance of installed systems. Let´s achieve it together: maximum efficiency in production and minimum environmental impact.

 Beverage production – peace of mind

A major challenge when producing soft drinks is the homogenous mixing of the syrup and the final beverage. The combination of Alfa Laval gentle-mixing agitators and fast jet mixers offers you quality in every detail allowing for maximum efficiency in your production. At the same time, you maintain exceptional levels of hygiene. Combined with our cost-effective tank cleaning equipment and solutions, it gives producers of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks perfect peace of mind.


Uptime, optimization and availability

Alfa Laval’s 360° Service Portfolio is all about extending the performance of our customers’ equipment, ensuring all systems run at their highest efficiency.


Press breakfast

You are kindly invited to join our press breakfast 12 September from 9.30-10.30 on the stand, where we will give a short presentation of our product exhibits after which are welcome to stay for in-depth talks with our product and business experts over coffee and breakfast.


About Alfa Laval

 Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

 The company’s equipment, systems and services are dedicated to assisting customers in optimizing the performance of their processes. The solutions help them to heat, cool, separate and transport products in industries that produce food and beverages, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, starch, sugar and ethanol.

 Alfa Laval’s products are also used in power plants, aboard ships, oil and gas exploration, in the mechanical engineering industry, in the mining industry and for wastewater treatment, as well as for comfort climate and refrigeration applications.

 Alfa Laval’s worldwide organization works closely with customers in nearly 100 countries to help them stay ahead in the global arena. Alfa Laval is listed on Nasdaq OMX, and, in 2016, posted annual sales of about SEK 35.6 billion (approx. 3.77 billion Euros). The company has about 17 000 employees.




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