2021-04-28 Product news

Alfa Laval shares new opportunities for energy savings in data centres

Data centre operators are being urged to consider more innovative and efficient heat transfer technologies by global engineering company, Alfa Laval, amid an ever-increasing appetite for data.


According to Digital Infrastructure, the world’s nine million data centres’ CO2 emission were equal to that of global air travel in 2019, and only continues to grow. At present, 40% of an average data centre’s energy usage is spent solely on cooling, so developing more efficient heat transfer systems will be paramount to achieving net zero targets by 2050.

In response to this challenge, Alfa Laval launched a new webinar with the aim of highlighting how innovative heat exchangers can reduce the environmental impact of data centres.

The webinar Sustainable Data centres with efficient heat transfer was presented on 27th April by Anna Blomborg, Alfa Laval’s Industry Manager for Data Centres, and Rolf Jönsson, Business Developer for Data Centres.

The webinar explores how heat exchangers play a critical role in protecting the server room from any external contaminants, and have the capacity to reduce the need for mechanical cooling by drawing on nearby resources.

By watching the webinar on-demand, attendees will also be able to discover how Alfa Laval is developing new heat transfer solutions for future liquid cooling technologies said to support machine learning and high-computing processes.

On the topic, Anna Blomborg said: “Ensuring efficient heat transfer in the cooling system is crucial for a sustainable data centre as most are currently far too reliant on mechanical cooling techniques. With our webinar series, xChanging Ideas, the aim is to highlight the value of efficient heat exchangers as enablers of Green IT and efficient approaches to cooling.




Alfa Laval has been a partner to the IT industry for decades, working with companies to design reliable, environmentally friendly data centre cooling systems. It has more than 80 years’ experience in thermal technology and works to enable new opportunities for free cooling and energy savings in server rooms of all sizes, all around the globe.

Data centre operators can access a suite of digital content and insights on Alfa Laval’s dedicated webpage. For more information on sustainability in data centres, and to sign up to Alfa Laval’s webinar series, visit: www.alfalaval.co.uk/products/heat-transfer/plate-heat-exchangers/xchanging-ideas

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Did you know that 90% of electricity used in a data center is converted to heat? Imagine if all data centers utilised waste heat from servers for other purposes. This would save 3,000 TWh annually, which is the same amount of energy required to heat up 300 million European households. The related emissions reduction is equivalent to the emissions produced by the whole of France.

How can you save and reuse waste heat from your servers? And what impact will it have on your bottom line?

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