Alfa Laval is powering new innovations in ethanol production

Alfa Laval used spiral heat exchangers – and expertise – to add an innovative twist to Inbicon's 2nd generation ethanol production, helping create a revolutionary new process that will be licensed worldwide.

DATE 2023-11-28

Creating profitable, renewable fuels

Born out of a collaboration between Elsam and DONG Energy, Inbicon has a long history of innovation in sustainability. Their aims are far-reaching: to solve the global energy problem by converting crop residues into genuinely clean and profitable renewable fuels. At their award-winning biomass refinery in Kalundborg, Denmark, they have designed a patented technology for production of clean fuel, ‘the new ethanol’. 

Company challenge

To create a clean 2nd generation ethanol production process that was energy efficient and that lowered costs of production and energy consumption

However there was a weak link in the process which Alfa Laval was able to fix. Heat exchangers at the heart of the process became clogged by the viscous and fibrous media which caused expensive unscheduled downtime.


Discussion with Alfa Laval.

“Alfa Laval supplies resilient equipment that can always be relied upon. Their vast knowledge means they understand the process inside out and contribute to innovative new concepts in development”, says Jesper Bang Anderssen, Marketing Manager at Inbicon.


Alfa Laval helped Inbicon create a patentable process for ethanol production by supplying spiral heat exchangers that resulted in:

  • No costly, unscheduled downtime
  • Three revenue-generating products: ethanol, lignin biofuel for power plants and animal feed
  • Continuous, reliable operations

Innovation, collaboration and combined expertise have created a revolutionary new technology that has the power to change renewable fuel production forever and reduce greenhouse gases worldwide.



Why choose  Alfa Laval spiral heat exchanger?

  • Unique spiral shape has the ability to handle two highly fouling fluids simultaneously
  • Significantly higher heat transfer efficiency.
  • Self-cleaning design reduces fouling and energy costs
  • Easy access cuts costly maintenance downtime
  • Fully drainable units for easy maintenance
  • Flexible design, fully engineered to adapt to every customer’s needs
  • 40 years’ experience in manufacture and process design makes us an expert innovation partner for your unique process.

 Spiral heat exchanger

Customer's voice

Alfa Laval's expertise was key in finding the right solution to our cooling needs and their spiral heat exchangers are extremely reliable. Everything runs without any problems since the start.

Carsten Skjodt, Project Manager Inbicon