Reliability on the high seas

Danish HVAC systems supplier Novenco uses Alfa Laval cooling equipment to keep ships air-conditioned, and their crews comfortable and well fed. Compact, reliable, environmentally friendly, and with good energy efficiency– these are some of the hallmarks of Alfa Laval condensers. Space is at a premium even on the biggest ships.

DATE 2023-11-28

When Danish ship owner AP Møller Maersk received delivery of its newest 18,000 dead weight ton multi purpose vessel from the Wuhu Xinlian Shipbuilding in Anhui, China in 2010, it can rest assured that the cooling and air conditioning systems onboard are the best the market can supply. “You can’t live or work on a ship without air conditioning,” says Piergiorgio Barbato, Business Development Manager at Alfa Laval. “Cold storage for food is equally important. In addition, the systems have to be 100 percent reliable.”

 Alfa Laval and the Novenco Group are both well-respected brands in the marine sector. Just as importantly, their systems are designed, manufactured and tested according to the requirements of all the classification societies.

In close cooperation with Alfa Laval, the Novenco Group’s maritime division supplied four Alfa Laval condensers and their own ancillary equipment like valves, filters, and controls to the new ship.

Two Alfa Laval condensers are used together with compressors from a separate manufacturer for air conditioning purposes, keeping the living quarters of the ship for the 24- crew members at a manageable 27 degrees C inside the cabins. Two other Alfa Laval condensers are used for keeping food storage lockers for meat and fish and other victuals at -20 degrees C for long voyages at sea.



Shell and tube condensers and liquid receivers are tailor-made for Novenco to match the company’s needs.

Fresh water condensers

The contractor

  • Novenco is a supplier of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems for land and
    marine applications.
  • Novenco’s marine division has selected Alfa Laval as sub-supplier to complete their product range.


  • Two Alfa Laval CDEW260 freshwater condensers for air-conditioning purposes retrofitted with two outlets to increase efficiency and thus diminish size. 35 mm sight-glass is included. The header configuration allows a water design pressure of 10 bar. Design pressure for the refrigerant side is 30 bar, test pressure 45 bar. The condensers are 2.0 meters long and 273 mm in diameter.
  • Two Alfa Laval CPS45 fresh water condensers for cold storage retrofitted with two outlets to increase efficiency and diminish size. The condensers were tailor-made for Novenco in order to maximize the water flow. The header configuration allows a water design pressure of 10 bar. Design pressure for the refrigerant side is 30 bar, test pressure is 45 bar. The condensers are 800 mm long and 168 mm in diameter.
  • Cooling capacity of the total system: 163 KW.