Alfa Laval Service Agreement instantly increased productivity

By signing a Service Agreement with Alfa Laval, a Brazilian sugar and ethanol plant eliminated unplanned downtime and saved around 100,000 Euros in nine months.

DATE 2023-11-28

Service Agreement tailored by Alfa Laval 

Without the necessary expertise, early warnings and minor problems were left to reach a crisis point before being addressed which translated into huge costs and inefficiencies. For a fixed fee, a four-year Service Agreement was  tailored-made by Alfa Laval, providing Preventive Maintenance, emergency engineers and a solid partnership for the future, including: 

  • A team of dedicated service engineers, who know the company, the factory footprint and the equipment inside-out
  • Preventive Maintenance to ensure machinery is running at optimum performance levels
  • Condition Audit to help determine when equipment needs service or replacement
  • Best practice for maintenance established and full training for the staff
  • 40 emergency hours available every calendar year

The result: eliminated unplanned downtime and reduced energy consumption 

  • Saved a total of around 100,000 Euros in the first season.
  • Gave the sugar and ethanol company its first ever downtime-free season.
  • Brought significant savings by eliminating unplanned stoppages and saving on maintenance costs.
  • Increased efficiency, reducing energy consumption.
  • Released finances to upgrade three machines from FESX 512 to FESX 712 capacity.
  • Manageable fixed costs instead of emergency-driven price negotiations.
Smoothly-running equipment has increased the efficiency of the factory and saved energy consumption, while eliminating unscheduled stoppages has drastically increased profitability, making workforces standing idle a thing of the past”