Plate-and-shell benefits made better

Many petrochemical businesses have already made the switch from bulky shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Unfortunately, conventional plate-and-shell designs frequently suffer from fatigue challenges in applications with high pressure and temperature demands. The result is unplanned downtime, leading to both a loss in production as well as time and money spent on maintenance and repairs.

A truly robust solution

DuroShell has been specifically created to meet the challenges of duties involving extreme variations in pressure or temperature. With its unique plate pattern and laser-welded, compact construction, it can withstand pressures up to 100 barg (1450 psig) as well as temperatures as high as 450°C (842°F). The innovative design offers a number of clear benefits over conventional plate-and-shells, including:

  • More uptime and longer life due to greater fatigue resistance
  • Higher operating pressures thanks to robust, patented construction
  • Operational gains created by 15–20% higher thermal efficiency
  • Installation savings through even more compact, lightweight design
  • Greater reliability as a result of closed, fully welded construction