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Learn how you can increase uptime, cut cost and increase capacity by installing Alfa Laval DuroShell.

A heat exchanger to maximize power plant uptime

Heat exchangers play a central role in some of the most fatigue-intensive processes found in power plants. But as you know all too well, some heat exchangers simply aren’t up to the job. Alfa Laval DuroShell is a different kind of plate-and-shell heat exchanger, with a unique internal design that maximizes uptime where you need it the most.

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A heat exchanger for cutting power plant costs

Installing the wrong heat exchanger in demanding power plant positions can lead to a high capital investment as well as increased expenses down the road. The choice of a heat exchanger is therefore about more than cutting downtime. It’s also about cutting costs.

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A heat exchanger for increasing capacity in power plants

In the power industry, efficiency has never been more important than it is today. And that means having a heat exchanger with the capabilities to increase capacity has never been more beneficial.

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