SSV Service Tool

The Alfa Laval SSV service tool is a tailor-made tool that makes it easier to conduct maintenance tasks on the Alfa Laval Unique Single Seat Valve. This tool holds the valve firmly in place, enabling service to take place safely and smoothly. The one-piece tool comes with various clamps to affix all valve sizes securely. A handy case provides convenient storage for the tool and clamps between maintenance tasks.

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Safe Service

  • Complete, yet gentle attachment of the SSV valve to the tool for safety and full access to

    the valve with no risk of scratching or denting the valve

  • Tool can be placed on a workbench, on the floor or on an EU pallet if required

  • One tool fits all valve sizes

  • QR code provides instant access to instruction manuals and videos

  • Defined compression of the spring. No over compression is possible


The service tool for the Alfa Laval Unique Single Seat Valve does not need to be attached to a workbench; the weight of the valve body and plug will not cause it to tilt. No need to adjust the bracket, or modify or tighten tool regardless of actuator size

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360° Service and maintenance videos

Alfa Laval SSV Service Tool – Disassemble Valve

Alfa Laval SSV Service Tool – Assemble Valve