Aalborg OS-TCi

Intended for use as a marine auxiliary boiler, the Alfa Laval Aalborg OS-TCi is a fired boiler for steam production. With its “ready boiler” concept, it is prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s emission-reducing fuels, including LNG, biofuels and methanol. The boiler’s fired section with helix tubes provides more heat transfer area than competing boiler solutions, which results in fuel-saving efficiency – no matter which fuel is used.

Alfa Laval Aalborg OS-TCi Marine Boiler

Self-cleaning marine fired boiler with multi-fuel capabilities

  • High fuel efficiency that positively influences carbon footprint
  • Easy upgrading to operate on new fuels as vessels decarbonize
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to modular construction – fewer components and less weight
  • Easy operation thanks to straightforward and user-friendly design
  • Steam capacity: 1200–8000 kg/h

The Aalborg OS-TCi is a marine fired boiler with decarbonization and the fuel transition in mind. Besides operating on today’s fuels, including low-sulphur fuels, biofuels and LNG, it is designed for compatibility with methanol and the other emission-reducing fuels that will appear over time. Alfa Laval’s “ready boiler” concept provides a future-proof platform, allowing the existing burner and boiler pressure section to be adjusted as needed.

Regardless which fuel is used on board, the Aalborg OS-TCi delivers fuel savings through its exceptional thermal efficiency and self-cleaning TCi (Turbo Clean, intelligent) technology. The TCi cleaning process, which promotes efficiency and ensures a long boiler service life, is automatic but can also be initiated manually.

How it works


Typically used to generate steam for tank cleaning, HVAC and engine room consumers, the Aalborg OS-TCi boiler can also function as a steam drum for one or more exhaust gas boilers. Additionally, it is approved for boil-off gas (BOG) management on vessels that use LNG as fuel.

Design for our marine boiler

The Aalborg OS-TCi boiler is delivered with a preassembled Aalborg burner built on Alfa Laval's innovative MultiFlame (MF) concept: MF PA or MF SAS. Both boiler and burner are engineered and produced in-house to ensure the highest reliability. The compact design is standardized but customizable, which means easy, time-saving installation.

Aalborg OS-TCi boiler

A fired section with helix tubes provides a large heat transfer area with high efficiency. The steam passes through the heat bundle twice, which ensures that the steam is absolutely dry.

Aalborg MF PA burner

The Aalborg MF PA is a side-fired, pressure-atomizing burner that supports conventional fuels and gas fuels like LNG.

Technical data (standard application)

Capacity [kg/h] 1,200–8,000
Weight (incl. insulation) [kg] 4,700–16,800
Diameter (incl. insulation) [mm] 1,370–2,420
Height (incl. exhaust gas boxes) [mm] 3,875–5,065
Connections Flanged
Insulation [mm] 75
Maximum working pressure [bar(g)] 10

Aalborg boiler solutions for LNG as fuel

Alfa Laval Aalborg dual-fuel boilers are more than an efficient solution for your steam and hot water needs. Able to handle both free flow and methane mixed with inert gas, they provide safe, effective ways to manage boil-off gas (BOG) and simplify operations connected with tank inspection.

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Marine equipment and solutions for methanol as fuel

Built on a century of thermal expertise, Alfa Laval Aalborg boilers are prepared to run on methanol, thanks to our future-proof MultiFlame burner concept. Adding to our already extensive combustion knowledge, we are now conducting large-scale methanol testing at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre.

Methanol solutions ships picture

Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre

As the marine industry decarbonizes, reliability is paramount in any fuel-related equipment. Alfa Laval ensures reliability with new fuels by combining long experience and deep fuel insights with extensive testing at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre. The facility’s unique 2800 m2 testing space plays a key role in many fuel research projects.

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