Type 1

The all-round heat transfer solution for liquid-liquid fouling duties. Exceptional compactness and self-cleaning design make the spiral heat exchangers extremely versatile even when operating at high pressures and high capacities. Excellent choice when one, or both, fluids are fouling, due to its self-cleaning effect.

Welded spiral heat exchanger

Maximum heat recovery with counter-current flow

Alfa Laval SHE Type 1 is a good choice when one, or both, fluids are fouling, due to its self-cleaning effect. Since the fluid flows continously in one single channel the force of the fluid acts against any deposits, "pushing" them through the channel and out the other end. In a few cases Alfa Laval SHE Type 1 can be used as a condenser, for example when the cooling media is heavily fouling, or very close temperature approach is required (since the counter-current configuration is htermally the most efficient).

The compact nature of the Alfa Laval SHE Type 1 spiral often allows several large shell-and-tubes units to be replaced by one single SHE, giving considerable infrastructure benefits in addition to the reduction in maintenance and cleaning activities. If, or when, the SHE needs cleaning, the covers can easily be removed and the SHE cleaned using a hydrojet.


  • Fouling liquids: containing solids, fibres, liquors, slurries and sludges
  • Liquid/liquid: preheating, heating, cooling, interchanging and heat recovery

Features and benefits

  • Fully engineered to meet the needs of every customer
  • Self-cleaning effect reduces operating cost
  • Low maintenance cost due to easy access
  • High heat transfer efficiency, higher than in shell & tubes
  • Unique ability to handle two highly fouling fluids
  • Every unit is fully drainable
  • Condensers have virtually no vapour side pressure drop
  • Column mounting of condensers reduces installation costs
  • Design experience from more than 40 years of manufacturing 

How it works

Heat exchange duties that benefit from the strengths of spiral heat exchangers include:

  • Liquid/liquid heating, cooling or heat recovery, where one or both of the fluids may cause fouling
  • The design, shape and size of the spiral channels can be customized so that they are a perfect match for the demands associated with a wide range of process fluids, thermal duties and industrial applications

Lower installation costs

High pressure spiral heat exchangers only require a very small area for mounting and access, resulting in lower unit installation costs compared with other heat exchangers.

Strong on customized solutions

The high pressure spiral heat exchanger is a very versatile product. Many of the duties performed by heat exchangers require one channel per fluid, and this can be a distinct benefit.

Alfa Laval welded spiral heat exchanger flow exploded view