Membrane filtration

Alfa Laval spiral membrane systems are a compact, inexpensive solution that is easy to use. Our plate-and-frame systems are designed to handle a wide range of viscosities and can therefore match varying feed product characteristics.

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Alfa Laval designs, manufactures and installs complete cross-flow membrane filtration systems. These can be based on either our unique plate-and-frame modules or on spiral membrane elements of varying sizes. For some applications, a combination of both types can be used to give the best possible solution.

Alfa Laval membrane filtration equipment is designed on a modular basis that gives a high degree of flexibility. The design of a system can thus be customized to meet any process needs and it is easy to expand if production requirements increase. This means that your investment can follow any required increase in production capacity, as and when you need it - and at relatively low additional cost.


How it works

Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis process diagrams

Figure 1 shows a plate-and-frame process, which is often used to process high suspended solids and viscous feed solutions.

Figure 2 illustrates a spiral system of the kind typically used for applications such as the concentration of antibiotics, enzymes, yeast extract, egg white and juice, as well as for reducing the alcohol content in beer.