Alfa Laval PureSOx is a leading marine scrubber solution for compliance with SOx regulations, as well as a foundation for onboard carbon capture (OCC). Effective in open-loop or closed-loop scrubbing, it can be delivered as a hybrid scrubber system with both open-loop and closed-loop modes. Since 2009, PureSOx has been installed on hundreds of marine vessels. Their owners enjoy reliable SOx compliance and fuel economy along with the peace of mind ensured by Alfa Laval’s marine scrubber services.

PureSOx脱硫装置-PureSOx desulfurization system

Don’t just comply with SOx regulations – be a step ahead

  • Removal of more than 98% of exhaust gas SOx through exhaust gas cleaning, as well as particulate matter (PM) – a prerequisite for carbon capture
  • Nearly 15 years at sea – hundreds of marine scrubbers in proven SOx compliance
  • Open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid scrubber configurations
  • Leading water treatment to support closed-loop scrubber operation
  • Easy global access to scrubber spare parts, scrubber training, scrubber maintenance services and more

When it comes to complying with marine SOx regulations, Alfa Laval PureSOx has long been leading the way. Now, it also provides a basis for future decarbonization. PureSOx systems are ready for onboard carbon capture (OCC), where scrubber technology for cooling and enhanced cleaning of the exhaust gas will be a prerequisite.

Besides having lower fuel costs, PureSOx owners benefit from Alfa Laval’s long experience, high production quality and deep scrubber knowledge. The last, which includes our expertise in scrubber water treatment, is the foundation for a comprehensive range of marine scrubber services.

Why use a scrubber to meet SOx regulations?

Fuel prices are unpredictable, but high-sulphur fuel is consistently less expensive than low-sulphur options. With a PureSOx scrubber, you can leverage the price difference while reducing SOx emissions to the equivalent of low-sulphur fuel. You get lasting fuel economy – and a rapid return on your SOx scrubber investment.


Installing an Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber system

It takes experience and expertise to get a SOx scrubber system on board, especially in a retrofit. In nearly 15 years of PureSOx deliveries, Alfa Laval has developed strong project management routines and smooth processes for on-time scrubber installation. We take responsibility and work closely with you, the shipyard and any engineering company to minimize installation downtime.



Open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid scrubbing?

Open-loop scrubbers, which discharge the scrubber water directly, are a common choice due to their lower CAPEX and OPEX. However, low water alkalinity or local bans on open-loop scrubbing can limit their use. Closed-loop scrubbers recirculate the scrubber water and discharge only a small amount of cleaned bleed-off water, which enables more widespread compliance. But the smartest choice is often a hybrid scrubber, which provides future-proof economy through open-loop and closed-loop modes. All three configurations are possible with PureSOx.


Why choose Alfa Laval for exhaust gas cleaning?


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