Aseptic lines

Protect food integrity with Alfa Laval Aseptic lines to ensure your process environment, including sterilizers, aseptic tanks and aseptic fillers, remain free of microbial contamination. This range of processing equipment commercially sterilizes, cools and accurately fills food products into hermetically sealed packaging for shelf-stable, room-temperature storage. Trust Aseptic lines for energy savings, gentle product treatment, high productivity, optimized cleanliness, and product integrity.

Aseptic Line right

Unmatched aseptic portfolio for food manufacturing applications

  • Optimize performance with a broad aseptic line portfolio from a single, trusted global supplier
  • Improve processing flexibility, adjust capacity and add or adapt recipes using automated software programmes
  • Easily handle multiple fruit and vegetable feedstocks with a broad aseptic line portfolio
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of food manufacturing with proven, energy-efficient, aseptic core components
  • Maximize performance and extend shelf life with preventive maintenance and service agreements

Keep liquid food products free from microbial contamination with Alfa Laval Aseptic lines. Alfa Laval sterilizers, aseptic tanks and aseptic fillers enhance product quality and stability while ensuring filling accuracy and commercial sterility. 

Take advantage of gentle product treatment, ultra-high temperature processing, safe intermediate storage, and filling and packaging products under aseptic conditions. Boost productivity through optimized cleaning cycles, fast changeover between production runs, and quick-response, remote troubleshooting. 

Bag sizes range from 3-20 litres up to 200-1000 litres to meet the demands of the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors. 

Solutions for culinary steam, cleaning and sterilizing media, and packaging are also available.