Single stage freshwater generator

Alfa Laval’s unique AQUA plate technology enables high-efficiency conversion of seawater into fresh water. It can be found in the range of single-stage Alfa Laval AQUA Blue freshwater generators, which minimize the space, pumping needs and electrical power requirements for producing fresh water.

AQUA Blue family 2022

Superior efficiency with 3-in-1 plate technology

  • Half the seawater flow and pumping needs of other freshwater generators
  • Thermally driven process requiring little electrical power
  • Easy operation
  • Reduced installation costs thanks to smaller piping
  • Easy and efficient maintenance on site thanks to non-glued gaskets

AQUA plate technology results in uniquely compact and efficient freshwater generators. The 3-in-1 AQUA plates, which are hung within a frame to form a single plate pack, handle all three aspects of vacuum distillation: evaporation, separation and condensation. This process cuts seawater flow needs in half, which minimizes pumping requirements, electrical power consumption and related CO2 emissions. For shipyards, the smaller dimensions of piping and valves also reduce installation work and costs.