Smit Combinert

The Alfa Laval Smit Combined system is a combination of the Alfa Laval Smit Combustion and Alfa Laval Smit Flue Gas systems.

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The system can operate in two modes, either as a standalone combustion-type system or as a flue gas system utilizing exhaust gas from a boiler. Whenever clean inert gas is required, the combustion mode can be activated to combust fuel oil and air. In the case of crude oil transport, boiler flue gas can be utilized to produce inert gas without any fuel oil. This unique combination saves fuel oil, which benefits the owner and the environment without compromising safety or reliability. 


Technical data

  • Capacity: 1000-20,000 m3/h
  • Design: Combustion + flue gas cleaning
  • Pressure: 0.13 bar(g)
  • Typical oxygen content: 2-4%
  • Fuel type: DMA, DMB, DMZ, flue gas from

HFO-fired boiler

  • Fuel atomizing: Air
  • Dew point: Saturated


  • Product tankers
  • Crude carries
  • FPSO

How it works

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IGG mode

Smit Combined How does it wotk 1

Flue gas mode