Moatti 152 filters

Alfa Laval Moatti 152 self-cleaning filters provide high efficiency fine, 10 µm fuel oil filtration, ideal for four stroke or small two stroke engines. No matter your fuel – marine diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, or very low sulphur fuel oil – the 152 filter is a proven and reliable fuel filtering solution, protecting your engine from catalytic fines and fuel instability.

Moatti 152

Application examples

The Alfa Laval Moatti 152 self-cleaning filter range covers rigorous fuel oil filtration needs in several industries and applications.

Power industry

  • Engine power
  • Nuclear power
  • Combined heat and power

Marine industry

  • Fuel conditioning
  • Fuel oil treatment

Transport industry

  • Fuel cleaning

How it works

Extensive filter area is critical for fine filtration, for example at the very fine grade of 10 μm required for fuel oil filtration for four-stroke or small two-stroke engines. Whether on MDO, HFO or VLSFO, the Alfa Laval Moatti 152 filters are the tried and tested workhorse you can trust to protect your engines from catalytic fines and fuel instability.

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