How it works

The PondCtrl system enables operators to easily regulate the liquid level in a decanter, the pond depth, during operation, either automatically or manually via a control panel.

The pond depth is a key parameter for separation performance, the higher the level, the better the separation between the solids and the fluid.



Preventing liquid overflow

In a traditional decanter there is a limit to how deep the pond can be before the liquid flows over in the solids outlet. An Alfa Laval decanter equipped with a Baffle Disc does not have this limitation and can operate with a pond depth that exceeds the solid outlet level without suffering from liquid overflow.

The Baffle Disc is attached to the conveyor at the start of the conical part of the decanter bowl. The solids pass through the gap between the disc and the bowl surface on their way through the decanter, and during normal operation the solids form a seal, preventing the liquid from passing through the gap.

This makes it possible to increase the pond depth in the decanter without any liquid flowing to the solids side.

Facilitating operation and cleaning

When starting and stopping the decanter, there is no solids seal between the bowl and the Baffle Disc stopping the liquid from flowing out through the solids discharge when operating with a deep pond. To prevent overflow, the PondCtrl system automatically decreases the pond depth during starts and stops.

The PondCtrl system then automatically detects when the solids seal has formed and increases the pond depth automatically to ensure maximum separation.

Thanks to PondCtrl, there is no need for slide gates or other equipment to handle liquid overflow, and product loss during starts and stops is minimized.

The ability to control the pond depth is also very useful during cleaning.

Adjusting for feedstock variations

Variations in the feedstock can affect the ability of the solids to form a tight seal. In these cases, it is necessary to lower the pond depth to decrease the pressure on the seal. This is easily done with PondCtrl, enabling optimum separation regardless of feedstock characteristics.