The Alfa Laval MMB is a solids-retaining centrifugal separator. It maximizes efficiency by cleaning continuously and having a large space for sludge collection.

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Continuous cleaning, extra capacity

  • Larger sludge space extends the operating period between manual cleaning, reducing man-hour requirements
  • Pressurised discharge of clean oil eliminates need for downstream pump
  • Optional clarifier mode
  • Biofuel ready – compatible with HVO (EN15940) and with FAME (EN14214 or ASTM D6751) blends comprising distillate

The Alfa Laval MMB system purifies mineral oils used in marine installations and power stations. It has a compact and robust design, is simple to install and offers cost-effective maintenance and spare parts.

What makes them biofuel ready


How it works

The MMB is a complete system. Separation takes place in a solids-retaining bowl you can arrange for clarification or purification. The feed pump supplies the contaminated oil to the separator, where centrifugal force divides it into its various phases. The sludge is easy to remove using the stainless-steel basket. The built-in paring disc pump continuously discharges the clean oil. Water leaves the bowl via an open outlet.

Choose the ideal configuration for your application

The MMB is available in two models: MMB 304 and MMB 305. They work with:

    • Distillates
    • Marine Diesel Oils (MDO) up to 13 cSt at 40°C
    • Lubricating oils for trunk diesel engines operating on distillates and light MDO
    • Lubricating oils for steam and gas turbines
    • Lubricating and hydraulic oils for hydroelectric power stations
    • Each system has an MMB separator, connections and valve assembly. Optional equipment includes a preheater and a MAWA-40 water seal alarm.


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