S and P Flex

The Alfa Laval S and P Flex range of separators is ideal for all fuel and lubricating oils. The high degree of system flexibility enables you to configure a separator specific to your application, thereby ensuring maximum protection and efficiency.

S和P Flex系列离心机-Alfa Laval S and P Flex separators

Protect your engine from expensive wear

  • Tailor to specific needs – flexible systems with a range of options
  • Proven performance – the world’s best-selling separator for fuel and lube oil
  • Cost-effective investment
  • Space-saving modularized footprint
  • Biofuel ready – compatible with HVO (EN15940) and with FAME (EN14214 or ASTM D6751) blends comprising HFO and/or distillate

With the Alfa Laval S and P Flex range you can tailor your separator system to your specific performance and space requirements. The advanced S separator uses Alfa Laval ALCAP™ technology to adjust to your oil, maximizing protection and fuel economy. The P separator is a high-performance alternative for oils with fewer process issues. The system is built on a low-wear mechanical platform that further reduces lifecycle costs.

What makes them biofuel ready?

How it works

Separator technology and the ALCAP™ advantage

High-speed centrifugal separators clean marine fuel by removing water and particulate matter. Traditional separator designs use a gravity disc that is manually adjusted depending on the density of the specific fuel being used.

Alfa Laval’s ALCAP™ separator technology eliminates the gravity disc to allow for automatic adjustment to fuel density. In multifuel operations, ALCAP™ provides the advantages of uninterrupted operation, improved fuel efficiency, and maximum separator performance and engine protection.

The Alfa Laval S separator, with ALCAP™ technology, features software that allows you to set parameters in the process controller. This lets you combine heavy fuel oil and lubricating oil treatment in a single separator. After centrifugal separation, the clean oil is continuously pumped away. Water and sludge accumulate at the bowl periphery.

A water transducer in the clean oil outlet measures capacitive resistance and signals changes to the EPC60 control unit, which masterminds the system. Depending on the water content, the EPC60 either opens the drain valve or expels the water during sludge discharge.

The CentriShoot discharge process uses a patented slide that eliminates metal-to-metal wear and minimises loss compared to other systems.


The Alfa Laval P separator is designed for well-defined oils with fewer process issues. The separator bowl has manually set gravity discs to deliver high performance but does not automatically compensate for process fluctuations. The separator bowl can be configured as a purifier or as a clarifier.

  • A purifier removes solids and water from oil.
  • A clarifier is removing only solids (no water) from oil.


HVO HCO Huile végétale hydrogénée

Separation Efficiency Upgrade

Protect your engine and your business with the Alfa Laval Separation Efficiency Upgrade. This service offering upgrades your existing Alfa Laval S separator with the latest generation Alfa Laval disc stack, improving separation efficiency by up to 30%. Readily available and quickly installed, the upgrade boosts your engine protection to the highest level - and is the fastest way to get CFR-certified performance.

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Alfa Laval's Adaptive Fuel Line

Alfa Laval’s Adaptive Fuel Line will provide engine protection and energy efficiency while keeping you in compliance with new regulations.

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Watch the movie fuel cleaning onboard

Safeguard your engine with the Separator Uptime Protection Package (SUPP)

Flow optimization of the separator feed

Improved separation and energy savings beyond the pump


Whitepaper: The importance of lube oil cleaning

Eager to understand more about lube oil cleaning? Our whitepaper gives you a comprehensive overview of the technologies available and acts as a guide to choosing the best one for your application.

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Experience the benefits of high-performance lube oil cleaning

The quality of your lube oil determines equipment lifetime and levels of productivity. Cleaned lube oil maintains its quality over time and is therefore essential to a healthy, trouble-free process.

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