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The revolutionary Alfa Laval UniDisc™

Maximizing separation efficiency and hygiene for centrifugal separators. With Alfa Laval’s new UniDisc™ technology, you get up to 30% higher separation efficiency and a never-before seen degree of hygiene from your disc stack separator. Unlike traditional separator discs with caulks that have been welded to the plates, discs with UniDisc™ technology feature micro caulks that are formed during the pressing of the plates. The result is a disc stack with higher separation efficiency and unmatched cleanability. It’s not magic. It’s just another groundbreaking separator innovation from Alfa Laval.

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A new level of capacity

Thanks to the optimized spacing made possible by the UniDisc™ design, there is room to fit more discs in the disc stack than is possible with traditional designs. That translates to increased separation area and improved flow capacity, which boosts the efficiency of your separator to record levels.

A new level of hygiene

The caulks are an integrated, non-welded element of the UniDisc™ design. Numerous, small caulks in the disc ensure a strong construction while simultaneously facilitating cleaning to provide maximum hygiene in your operation.

See how it works

Take a look inside the separator in this animation to learn more about the unique features of UniDisc™ and how it compares to traditional disc stack designs.

No magic. Just innovation.

See how Alfa Laval’s new UniDisc™ technology improves separation efficiency by up to 30% and takes cleanability to new levels.

Learn about the many benefits of UniDisc™, as well as the inspiration behind the technology, from Alfa Laval experts Mikaela and Peter.

Step-by-step introduction to our range

The unique UniDisc™ technology is available for selected products within the below applications.
UniDisc™ will be launched for more Alfa Laval separators over the coming years. Check in here to see the latest applications.

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A retrofit is also available for certain applications and models.

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The Separator Innovator

Alfa Laval has been the leader in the development of centrifugal separation technology for more than a century. Over the years we have grown our expertise in a wide array of separation applications — knowledge that we are glad to share with you.

Visit our Separator Innovator knowledgebase to learn more about advancements in separation and the steps Alfa Laval is taking to continuously revolutionize technology for business excellence.