Service and support for ACE air coolers

Your Alfa Laval Service team is here to protect your ACE air cooler – and your business – year-in and year-out, keeping your equipment running at top capacity, while saving time, money, energy, and CO2 emissions along the way. We’ve serviced hundreds of thousands of heat exchangers from every brand on the market. You can count on our expertise every day, not only when a breakdown threatens your critical operations. Come to us for original equipment, original spare parts, and original thinking about all of your air cooler needs, no matter what they are or where they come from.

OEM spares available 24/7 in our ACE Webshop

Genuine spare parts for your ACE equipment are critical to uptime and profitability. At the Alfa Laval web shop, OEM quality spares are just a few clicks away. It’s easy to find the right part. Simply search using the serial number of your Alfa Laval ACE or, for any other brand of air-cooled heat exchanger, using the part specifications.


Maximize performance and uptime for your air-cooled heat exchanger

Regular service is the key to high efficiency, reliable uptime, and low maintenance costs for your air-cooled heat exchangers. We service and provide spare parts for all types of air-cooled heat exchangers, regardless of brand.

In this video you will find out how you can maximize performance and uptime with our complete range of services.

Services for air cooled heat exchangers

The following services are designed to ensure the sustainable operation of your air coolers.


Installation and Commissioning

Make sure your new investment is installed and tuned to work efficiently from the beginning.


  • Correct operation from the first day
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Extended warranty
  • Coordination with other contractors

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Condition Audit

Alfa Laval experts quickly and accurately identify the parts and service your system needs.


  • Maximum uptime
  • Improved management of maintenance costs
  • Optimized cooling performance
  • Prioritization of service

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Equipment Upgrades

Upgrades include re-ratings, increased capacity bundles, VFDs, controls and more.


  • Increased thermal capacity
  • Energy savings
  • Improved performance
  • Prolong equipment lifetime
  • Maximize uptime
  • Reduce service requirements

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Preventive Maintenance

The life of your equipment can be extended through regular PM (preventive maintenance). During PM visits, our team of experts perform preventive maintenance, balance and tune systems, and perform seasonal tuning, if needed. We identify any major repairs so they can be scheduled to minimize the impact on your operation.


  • Maximize uptime
  • Plan major repairs
  • Minimize wear and tear
  • Reduce total cost of ownership

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Equipment can often be reconditioned to operate like new. This service is excellent for older equipment that needs extra attention or is being transferred to a new application where it will face new demands.


  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Repurpose equipment

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Cleaning Services

Alfa Laval cleaning services can address the inside and the outside of your equipment to maximize heat transfer and process efficiency.


  • Improved heat transfer
  • Improved efficiency
  • Less downtime
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Easier Fouling analysis
  • Cleaning that won’t damage your equipment
  • Protection from corrosion or pressure drop

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Spare Parts

Breakdowns are inevitable. Having critical spare parts on hand prevents extended downtime.


  • Increased uptime and productivity
  • Better management of cost
  • Complete range of spare parts
  • Maximum reliability with OEM quality parts
  • The best continued thermal fit for your duty
  • Flexibility for scheduled maintenance

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Seasonal Tuning and Adjustments

Seasonal adjustments to fans and louvers can compensate for changing weather and processes, returning them to optimal settings for maximum production efficiency.


  • Systems maintain optimal process conditions
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased protection during weather extremes

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Service Agreements

Annual service agreements make budgeting easy, ensure priority access and provide the discounts on parts and labour.


  • Maximum uptime
  • Easy budgeting
  • Improved performance

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Maintain your investment by keeping your staff factory-trained in best practices.


  • Fast response
  • Safe operation
  • Reduced costs
  • Faster maintenance

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Our field technicians are experts, who bring with them the specialized tools necessary to get your equipment back up and running.


  • Fast access to help
  • Quick access to on-site assistance
  • Minimum downtime
  • Maximum safety

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