Oil treatment

Protect your engine and other sensitive equipment with Alfa Laval oil treatment solutions. They make it easy to maximize fuel economy over the long term. The Alfa Laval Adaptive Fuel Line combines separators with engine-synchronized feed control, cat fine and fuel consumption monitoring, automated handling of multiple fuels and waste fuel recovery. The result: maximum efficiency, fuel economy and equipment protection.

Oil treatment

Protect your engine from expensive wear

  • Tailor to specific needs – flexible systems with a range of options
  • Proven performance – the world’s best-selling separator for fuel and lube oil
  • Cost-effective investment
  • Space-saving modularized footprint
  • Biofuel ready – read more in the Products section

With the Alfa Laval S and P Flex range you can tailor your separator system to your specific performance and space requirements. The advanced S separator uses Alfa Laval ALCAP™ technology to adjust to your oil, maximizing protection and fuel economy. The P separator is a high-performance alternative for oils with fewer process issues. The system is built on a low-wear mechanical platform that further reduces lifecycle costs.


Alfa Laval Adaptive Fuel Line

Low-sulphur fuels place different demands on your engine’s fuel line, which can increase cat fines. The Alfa Laval Adaptive Fuel Line offers solutions to keep your engine safe – and boost your fuel efficiency.

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A knowledge source at your disposal

The engine and its fuel are the heart of your vessel. Alfa Laval expert films and Fuel Line Blog help you get on top of issues like engine protection, energy efficiency and more .

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Marine biofuels

Marine biofuels like HVO and FAME can be used in diesel engines without major engine modifications. They have a positive impact on a vessel’s CO2 footprint, but their properties differ from conventional oils – so they must be managed carefully. With deep insights and the industry’s first biofuel-ready separators, Alfa Laval can help you transition to biofuels successfully.

Marine biofuels

Cost-effective, tailored oil separation modules

The Alfa Laval S and P Flex range of separators is ideal for all fuel and lubricating oils. The high degree of system flexibility enables you to configure a separator specific to your application, thereby ensuring maximum protection and efficiency.


Separation Efficiency Upgrade

Protect your engine and your business with the Alfa Laval Separation Efficiency Upgrade. This service offering upgrades your existing Alfa Laval S separator with the latest generation Alfa Laval disc stack, improving separation efficiency by up to 30%. Readily available and quickly installed, the upgrade boosts your engine protection to the highest level - and is the fastest way to get CFR-certified performance.

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Defeating cat fines with onboard fuel cleaning

Marine fuel quality can vary within limits. Professional fuel management is essential to avoid excessive fuel costs or serious breakdowns. Watch three well-known experts from the marine industry give their views on mitigating risk.




Longer lasting and cleaner lube oil with Alfa Laval MIB 503 Separator

Aboard the Prins Maurits – a Dutch fishing vessel – Chief Engineer Auke van Slooten has doubled the life expectancy of his main engine’s lube oil, saving 1,400 L of oil a year and nearly two hours of cleaning time per week using an Alfa Laval MIB 503 Separator.


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