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2019-10-17 Product news

UPDATED: More capacity than you ever imagined

Alfa Laval CB410 is our largest brazed heat exchanger for single-phase duties. Thanks to larger flow rates, it can support larger capacities than previous models with high thermal efficiency. The result is a significant increase in your volume – and your profit margins.

With the launch of CB210, CB410 models will now be available with ever more innovations. This includes FlexFlow, which increases flexibility to achieve the optimal solution for your particular application, ensuring you get the most cost-effective solution possible. The updated CB410 will also include a new, larger connection design, creating potential for lower pressure drop and lower operation costs throughout the lifecycle of the unit.

CB410 is ideal for a range of demanding duties, including:

  • Comfort heating and cooling applications, including district heating or district cooling
  • Interchanger for heating and cooling
  • Lube and hydraulic oil cooling in engine applications, with the special DOC410 version




CB410 vignette 191016

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