2019-10-17 Product news

Alfa Laval CB210 brings modern thinking to brazed heat exchangers

Alfa Laval has now combined several of the latest technological features for brazed
plate heat exchangers into one single design: the Alfa Laval CB210. The newly
launched heat exchanger promises to boost performance for a wide range of heating
and cooling applications, giving customers more opportunities to increase both
capacity as well as thermal efficiency.

“We have been working closely with customers to better understand the types of technical challenges posed by today’s heating and cooling applications,” explains Fredrik Ekström, President of the Brazed & Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers Business Unit at Alfa Laval. “In an effort to better meet these modern demands, we have taken a modern approach with the CB210, bringing together the benefits of all our most recent thermal transfer innovations.”

Increased capacity in the same footprint

One of the key developments in the new CB210 is a larger port design that enables flow rates up to 30% higher than earlier heat exchanger generations. This, in turn, translates to increased capacities within the same dimensions as previous models.

“Combined with new manufacturing capabilities that make it possible for us to produce larger plate packages, CB210’s redesigned port holes support much greater capacities than its predecessors,” explains Richard Torssell, Product Manager at Alfa Laval. “In addition to replacing older units with a similar footprint, the increased capacity means that in some cases, larger sized systems will even be able to upgrade to the new CB210.”

Innovative solutions to boost thermal efficiency

The CB210 also includes several features for increasing the overall thermal efficiency of a heating or cooling system. Among these are designs for improved media distribution across the plate surface, which allows customers to more fully take advantage of the unit’s heat transfer area.

“All CB210 heat exchangers can also be built using Alfa Laval’s innovative FlexFlow asymmetrical plate design,” Torssell continues. “This means that we can work with customers to configure a channel design that is optimized to their specific media and applications, ensuring the best possible fit for the duty in question.”

Suitable for many applications

Because of its size, increased capacity and improved thermal performance, Alfa Laval sees possibilities for the CB210 in a variety of heating and cooling systems. “The new design will offer particular benefits for HVAC, industrial, district heating and cooling, and tap water duties,” says Roman Rathsack, OEM Manager at Alfa Laval. “As with our other CB models, a special design of the CB210 will also be available for oil cooling applications.”

To learn more about CB210 and the complete Alfa Laval portfolio of brazed and fusion bonded plate heat exchangers, visit www.alfalaval.com.


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