Sanitary GPHE

Safe and versatile heat transfer

Alfa Laval provides the most complete and trusted range of Food and Beverage Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers (GPHEs).

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Alfa Laval FrontLine series

The FrontLine range from Alfa Laval represents the most advanced plate heat exchanger technology available for dairy, beverage and processed food applications.

It provides the exact combination of temperature and holding time, ensuring precise pasteurization, UHT treatment and regeneration. Even the most delicate, heat sensitive food and beverages are safe.

FrontLine applications

  • Milk and cheese milk pasteurization
  • Ultra-high temperature sterilization
  • Beverage and energy drink pasteurization
  • Standard and pulpy juice pasteurization
  • Beer wort heating and beer cooling
  • Liquid egg processing
  • Bottled water treatment
  • Soups, sauces and starch heating
  • Catsup and mustard heating and cooling

FrontLine features

  • Unique plate pattern provides even and gentle heating of sensitive food products
  • Small port holes and long, narrow plates facilitate quick and easy cleaning
  • Integral glue-less gasket system provides for long gasket life, made with FDA compliant materials
  • Frames provide for up to 290 psi operation, easy disassembly and modifications, and meet all 3A sanitary requirements
  • Four sizes: Front6, Front8, Front10 and Front15 with plate ports and connections from 2" to 6" diameter
  • With almost 10 sq. ft. surface area per plate the Front15 is the largest sanitary plate heat exchanger available
  • Herringbone plate design provides initial sizing and future re-streaming flexibility
  • Connection plates with removable double-corner options for maximum process flexibility
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An Automatic solution

FrontLine Automatic provides quick and easy heat exchanger access, with:

  • A clean, simple electrical drive system that automatically opens and closes the frame
  • Nuts and bearings that are readily accessible for lubrication and maintenance
  • Sealed frame and pressure plates to keep the outside clean and inside support structure dry
  • Available in Front 15 and Front 10 sizes

Alfa Laval BaseLine series

The BaseLine series is the standard heat transfer choice, from food and beverage, to dairy and other hygienic applications. The classic plate-and-frame design is easily adaptable for changing process requirements.

BaseLine applications

  • Milk and beverage processing
  • Wine tempering
  • Bottled water treatment
  • CIP heating
  • RO water

BaseLine features

  • Sizes range from Base3 to Base11 with 1” to 4” connections
  • Wide range of plate materials and options
  • Glue-less gasket system offering FDA compliant materials
  • Solid stainless steel frames rated to 145 psi operation
  • Meets all 3A sanitary requirements
  • Connection plates for multi-duty applications
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Hygienic plates that increase throughput

At ten square feet, we offer more heat transfer area per plate for increased throughput, higher heat recovery and lower pressure drops in a single frame, supported by:

  • Heat transfer capacity of 9,000 square feet
  • Pasteurizes 800 gpm of raw milk with heat recovery of 90%
  • Process up to 2,000 gpm of cheese milk

All plates are designed to ensure the highest level of hygiene. The long, narrow plate geometry and our patented flow distribution area eliminate dead spots – resulting in an extremely hygienic heat exchanger. The hygienic design also applies to our clip-on gaskets which are fully FDA and 3A compliant.

Plate options:

  • ClipLine for standard duties
  • ClipLine WideStream for pulpy juice
  • ClipLine Gemini for double-wall protection
  • Standard materials include AISI 316, SMO 254,Titanium and Hastelloy