Centrifugal pumps

Alfa Laval centrifugal pumps raise product quality and process productivity for hygienic applications. Choose standard pumps for general product transfer duties or pumps for evaporation, high-pressure, self-priming, CIP return, and high-purity duties. Built to perform, these pumps ensure high efficiency, more uptime, gentle product handling, energy savings, easy maintenance, and low total cost of ownership.

阿法拉伐高效离心泵系列-Alfa Laval Centrifugal Pumps LKH pump range

Robust, reliable hygienic centrifugal pump for gentle and efficient product transfer

  • Low life-cycle costs due to energy-efficient operation, easy cleanability, simple maintenance and long service life
  • Exceptional levels of hygiene with EHEDG and 3-A certification or compliance with current GMP regulations to minimize contamination risks
  • Robust, reliable stainless steel design ensures continuous operation and more uptime
  • Simple maintenance thanks to front-loading design, easy seal conversion, and quick wear parts replacement
  • High-purity UltraPure pumps backed by Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package for full material traceability.

Maximize overall pump efficiency of your hygienic processes with Alfa Laval centrifugal pumps. From basic transport duties to high-purity product transfer, these sanitary centrifugal pumps reduce total cost of ownership across the dairy, food, beverage, home-personal care, and biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

LKH pump

  • Demanding duties
  • Evaporation duties
  • High-pressure duties
  • Self-priming duties
  • CIP return duties
  • Duties with entrained air

SolidC pump

  • Basic duties
  • Intermittent product pumping
  • CIP transfer duties

LKH and SolidC UltraPure pumps

  • High-purity duties

How does a Centrifugal pump work?

The centrifugal pump impeller, mounted on a shaft, is set into motion by a powerful electric motor. As the electric motor rotates, the centrifugal pump transfers energy to the liquid, thereby increasing pressure with every rotation. The increase in pressure is due to the centrifugal force generated, subsequently propelling the kinetic energy of the liquid. 



Happy Customers

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Arla Foods Rødkærsbro, Denmark

“Alfa Laval pumps and processing technologies have played an important part in us being able to increase our production and energy performance.”

Per Hansen, Facility’s Engineering Manager, Arla Foods Rødkærsbro Denmark.

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Joint Alfa Laval - Tetra Pak audit

"I wanted to be sure the new pumps would do the job, but the LKH pumps exceeded my expectations."

The dairy’s maintenance manager, Major Dairy Company, Denmark.


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Enhance pump uptime and efficiency with condition monitoring

Discover how Alfa Laval’s advanced condition monitoring system can optimize your pump performance and give you peace of mind. Reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and save costs with real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance.

Analytics Monitor

Close at hand catalogue about pumps

At your fingertips: Alfa Laval hygienic pumps transfer products – safely, gently and efficiently. Our ‘Close at hand’ catalogue details everything you need to select reliable high-efficiency, energy-saving pumps while reducing emissions and water and energy use. What you get is increased safety, more uptime, and greater productivity.

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Services for hygienic pumps

Keeping your Alfa Laval pumps in top operating condition boosts hygienic process efficiency, performance and safety while reducing total cost of ownership. Our global service network and local presence give you the support you need to optimize pump performance – from startup to parts replacement to upgrading and predictive maintenance.

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Grow your business. Optimize your fluid handling systems – sustainably

Make your processes more efficient and more sustainable while achieving regulatory compliance and ensuring your business thrives. With Sustainable Optimization from Alfa Laval, you can save up to 80% in energy savings as well as 90% in water savings and cleaning media, while minimizing waste. Good for people. Good for planet. Good for profitability.

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Bring your sustainability strategy to life

Get more energy and water savings and reduce emissions from your hygienic processing lines. Our monthly newsletter, near, brings you stories about how Alfa Laval can support you in improving environmental performance across the dairy, food, beverage, home-personal care and pharmaceutical industries. What’s good for people and planet is good for your business too.