Filtering elements

Alfa Laval Moatti self-cleaning filters for fuel oil, lubricating oil, and hydraulic control oil provide high-performance filtration with virtually no pressure drop. They protect a wide range of diesel engines and help engine builders, integrators, and machine operators live up to strict emission standards. Innovative Atrium 2.0 technology enables larger filtering areas, in a more compact design. Optional treatment systems efficiently remove solids in the backflushed oil.

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Don’t let cartridges clog your operation

Alfa Laval Moatti 180 automatic, continuously self-cleaning filters use state-of-the-art Atrium 2.0 technology to keep lubrication oil cleaner, longer. Tough and reliable, Moatti 180 filters are designed to protect engines from contaminants and debris and keep them running smoothly, with minimized risk of unplanned downtime. And because they are cartridge-free, Alfa Laval Moatti 180 filters cut out a vast waste stream and eliminate hours of hazardous, unnecessary maintenance work.

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Service made simple

No downtime. No unexpected filter changes. That’s what your customers get from the Alfa Laval Moatti ReMan service solution. This unique service concept was created with circularity in mind. We guarantee you a fully warranted remanufactured filter, certified by Alfa Laval, that meets all specifications. Plus, Alfa Laval takes full responsibility for the care, maintenance, and flawless functioning of all Moatti filters throughout the lifetimes of the engines where they are installed. And it’s as reliable and trouble-free as an Alfa Laval Moatti filter itself.

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Fuel oil filters

Alfa Laval fuel oil filters provide full-flow filtration of heavy fuel oils for two-stroke and four-stroke diesel engines. They are available in a large range of filtration grades, including fine filtration grades for better protection against pollutants such as catalytic fines.


Lubricating oil filters

Alfa Laval lubricating oil filters provide full-flow filtration of lubricating oils for trunk piston and crosshead engines. Types 160, 240, 280 and 350 cover all lubricating oil flows. They can also be fitted with an Eliminator combination, which provides better protection and extends the oil lifetime.


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