Skills and knowledge empower

When you buy Alfa Laval equipment, you buy peace of mind. But you must also rely on your equipment operators to get the job done. That’s why competence development is invaluable to your everyday operations.  

You need to be sure that you are equipped with the right know-how. Effective training will give you a broad understanding of how to use and maintain Alfa Laval systems.


Invest in Alfa Laval expert training

Through our expert training, you get to know your equipment inside out. You're investing in optimum efficiency and improved performance. Our expert training also ensures you feel safe and comfortable operating the equipment.

With our training will get:

  • Increased safety and equipment reliability
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Longer equipment lifetime
  • A more confident and competent operators

Marine training

The more effectively your crew works with your Alfa Laval marine and engine power equipment, the higher its reliability and the lower its cost of ownership.

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Energy training

Ensuring that the staff understand and can operate the Alfa Laval equipment will increase uptime and optimize performance

separators for chemical industry vignette

Interested in other food, water or pharmaceutical industry related training?

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