Alfa Laval Restricted Substance List

- formerly known as the Alfa Laval Group's Black & Grey List.


Alfa Laval has always emphasized the great importance in safeguarding human health, safety, and our environment and we continuously strive to take necessary measures to comply with these requirements.

An important part of managing the Alfa Laval Group's environmental impact is the control of hazardous substances in products (articles, spare parts, components, materials, preparations), in packaging materials and in our processes.

The Alfa Laval Restricted Substance List provides information about restrictions on the presence of substances, and it is comprised of legislations and global agreement deemed relevant for our products and area of business.


The AL Restricted Substance List (AL RSL) list is divided into three different categories: Banned, Restricted and Substances of Concern:

  • Banned substances are substances which are prohibited
  • Restricted substances are substances prohibited in certain applications relevant to the Alfa Laval Group. A restricted substance may be used if the application is unmistakably outside the scope of the legislation in question.
  • Substances of Concern are substances where presence must be evaluated and monitored. This includes substances currently being evaluated for regulations applicable to the Banned or Restricted categories, or substances with legal requirements for reporting and/or monitoring. 


The list is valid to our suppliers, producers, importers and traders and is updated twice a year to reflect any legislative changes.

Any presence of substances regulated in the listed legislations must be reported to Alfa Laval for further evaluation. Alfa Laval requests our suppliers to notify us via the standardized declaration Supplier Declaration to AL RSL.

Alfa Laval Restricted Substance List

The individual substances covered by the Alfa Laval Restricted Substance List are available, on request, in a supporting excel document “AL RSL – individual substances” (CRC-22-002). Please go through your dedicated Alfa Laval contact if you wish to receive this document.