Heating and cooling

Alfa Laval marine heat exchangers draw on more than 100 years of innovation in heating and cooling technology. Compact and energy-efficient, they are the best choice for optimizing space and maximizing cost effectiveness. Our R&D efforts guarantee the highest performance and longest possible service life, achieved through optimal heat transfer and minimized fouling.

Water and fire

Efficient marine heating and cooling solutions with a small footprint

  • Compact units
  • Longer running time thanks to minimized fouling
  • Easy and fast maintenance for improved uptime and costs
  • Highest efficiency and capacity in the market
  • Suitable for alternative fuels

Alfa Laval has the marine industry’s widest portfolio of heat exchangers. Our offering covers every possible onboard application, from engine and lube oil cooling to LPG cargo condensing and fuel cells. Our heat exchangers are suitable for alternative fuels as well as traditional options, offering temperature capabilities from cryogenic to 800°C and pressure capabilities up to 1250 bar.




Heating and cooling in the engine room

On a ship, there are many types of machinery with a cooling demand. When the heat energy cannot be recovered or utilized, the total costs of transferring it away from the machinery should be kept to a minimum. Alfa Laval can ensure a cost-effective central cooling system through our portfolio of innovative plate heat exchangers. Our gasketed plate heat exchangers have unique features that reduce the running costs for engine room cooling – and contribute to sustainability.

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Heating and coooling for LPG cargo LP

Heating and cooling for LPG cargo handling

The transport of LPG requires specialized cargo handling systems. Alfa Laval marine semi-welded plate heat exchangers are the ideal choice for the cargo condenser on refrigerated LPG carriers, thanks to their very high efficiency and the ease of performing service on board. Semi-welded plate heat exchangers are also used as cargo heaters, while other heat transfer duties in the LPG cargo handling system can be served by Alfa Laval CBM and/or AlfaNova heat exchangers.

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Heating and cooling for methanol

As the marine industry decarbonizes, interest in methanol is growing and the first methanol-fuelled vessels are beginning to appear. Methanol is a clean-burning liquid fuel that enables carbon-neutral operations if produced from green sources. Yet it poses heating and cooling challenges compared to conventional fuels. Alfa Laval has the heat exchanger solutions to ensure safe and efficient work with methanol on board.

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Marine refrigeration

Refrigerants are common in the marine industry, from chilling and freezing the catch on fishing vessels to air conditioning on cruise ships. Yet the refrigerant types are changing rapidly. Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and hydrochlorofluorocarbon(HCFC) refrigerants have given way to hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants, and now many shipowners are exploring natural refrigerants like CO2. Alfa Laval has the heat exchanger solutions and expertise to support natural refrigerant choices.

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