Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Heat exchanger cleaning is important for process performance

When should a GPHE be cleaned?

Keeping your heat exchangers clean is extremely important for process performance. Cleaning should be done before complete fouling or process issues occur resulting in production losses or irreversible damages. An Alfa Laval Performance Audit can help predict the optimal cleaning interval.


Where is the equipment cleaned?

Gasketed plate heat exchangers can be cleaned onsite or offsite. Our field service engineers can recommend the best solution for your specific equipment. Contact us for more information.


Cleaning benefits:

  • Restores process equipment to optimal condition
  • Minimizes maintenance downtime and labor costs
  • Maintains optimal performance
  • Minimizes pump energy consumption
  • Reduces carbon footprint


How do you clean a plate and heat exchanger?

Alfa Laval’s cleaning service offer includes:

  • Mechanical cleaning (on-site or off-site) – washing the equipment
  • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) – CIP systems enable quick and easy inline cleaning, without dismantling the heat exchanger
  • Cleaning chemicals – specially developed non-toxic agents that safeguard gasket, glue and heating surface materials


Plate heat exchanger products for cleaning and chemicals 

To safely remove contaminants from the equipment surfaces, you should use non-toxic cleaning agents with low environmental impact. These cleaning agents safeguard gaskets and ensure the heating surface materials are not affected.

Alpacon cleaners 

A cleaning range based on organic acids and whey that has low impact on the environment.

Alpacon degreaser brochure    Alpacon descalant brochure


An acidic cleaning liquid with a phosphoric acid base specifically designed for the removal of metallic oxides, rust, calcium carbonate and other inorganic scale.

AlfaPhos brochure


A strong alkaline cleaning liquid specifically designed for the neutralization of used AlfaPhos prior to disposal.

AlfaNeutra brochure


A strong alkaline cleaning liquid with a caustic soda base specifically designed for the removal of biological matter, fat, oil and other organic deposits from heat exchangers and related equipment.

AlfaCaus brochure

Alfa P-Scale

An acidic cleaning powder with a sulphamic acid base and a corrosion inhibitor that is particularly effective for removing calcium carbonate and other inorganic scale.

Alfa P-Scale brochure

Alfa P-Neutra

An alkaline powder that is designed for the neutralization of used Alfa P-Scale prior to disposal.

Alfa P-Neutra brochure


A neutral cleaning strengthener made from an advanced formula of different surface-active agents. Designed for use with AlfaPhos, AlfaCaus and Alfa P-Scale.

AlfaAdd brochure