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Gasketed plate heat exchanger services

Proper service of your gasketed plate heat exchanger, performed at the right time, saves you money and prevents unplanned interruptions. Whatever your equipment’s type or age, there are options to safeguard or enhance its operation. Our complete 360° Service Portfolio is handled by our expert service team and is supported by Alfa Laval’s more than 70 years of GPHE experience. Learn more about servicing your plate heat exchangers by clicking one of the options below, or contact us today for a consultation.


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Improve the performance of your heat exchanger with Alfa Laval service:

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Assembly of an Alfa Laval gasketed plate heat exchanger:

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GPHE Service Menu

Performance Audit

Are you getting the most from your heat exchangers? How are they performing? What condition are they in? Do you have the right spare parts readily available? - Qualified engineers will assess current performance levels and recommend improvements.

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Reconditioning and repair

Services performed to the plates inside the gasketed plate heat exchanger from tune-up to complete reconditioning. At Alfa Laval’s well-equipped service centers, our experts remove gaskets and scaling with specialized tools and chemicals.


Heat exchanger cleaning services

Keeping your heat exchangers clean is extremely important for process performance. Cleaning should be done before complete fouling or process issues occur resulting in production losses or irreversible damages. Cleaning-In-Place units provide quick and easy in-line cleaning of plate heat exchangers.


Genuine spare parts

Just as all plate heat exchangers are not created equal, neither are the replacement parts. Using lower cost, lower quality plates and gaskets can lead to decreased performance and increased costs. Enjoy long-term savings with quality spare parts and service kits

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Equipment upgrades

Replacing or modifying existing equipment can significantly increase performance and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year (depending on the application, operating hours, energy costs, etc.)

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If you experience issues with your heat exchangers, we'll find out why and prevent them from happening again.

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Designed for modern requirements

our gasketed plate heat exchangers are carefully designed to optimize performance and maximise uptime

The advantage of 1

Why rely on one provider to service all your plate heat exchangers? By choosing Alfa Laval, you’re partnering with the market’s foremost thermal transfer experts. No matter what brand or model, we bring insight to ensure long-term performance, reliability, and profitability. We know heat exchangers.

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360° Service portfolio

Alfa Laval's global service network and complete range of services.


Service Centers

Genuine Alfa Laval Service

Alfa Laval provides local service and support for our complete range of Alfa Laval products and for all brands of plate heat exchangers. Call us on 01276 63383email us or fill out the form and we'll connect you to a service expert as soon as possible. 

A reliable local service network 

With a local network of GPHE Service Centers, factory-trained field technicians, service representatives, and authorized service providers, we have your parts and service needs covered. Contact us and we'll get you in touch with your local Alfa Laval Service representative. 

UK GPHE Service Centers


Alfa Laval Ltd
Plate heat exchangers
High-speed separators


7 Doman Road,
GU15 3DN

Phone: +44 1276 63383


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Learning resources

Ten top tips for gasketed plate heat exchangers

Ten top tips to keep your gasketed plate heat exchanger in tip top condition.

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Ten top tips for hygienic gasketed plate heat exchangers

Ten top tips to keep your hygienic gasketed plate heat exchanger in tip top condition.

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