New report:

How much can heat exchanger servicing really save your business?

How much can heat exchanger service really save your business?

NEW REPORT: Run to failure is a false economy. Take control with planned servicing, cutting downtime and losses whole improving your performance and impact on the environment.


High energy users now have to contend with increased energy costs and more aggressive competition from overseas. At the same time, these pressures run alongside ambitious decarbonisation targets that challenge traditional ways of working.


Taking the heat is a new report outlining why ‘run to fail’ is a false economy as well as the steps that can be taken to improve production yields and efficiency.


The is an updated report, originally published by Alfa Laval in 2020. Market conditions are putting pressures on cost saving and run-to-failure strategies are rising in popularity. We wanted to challenge this approach explaining why this is in fact a false saving, risking more costs to the business in the long run.


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Energy Hunter – Sustainable solutions by hunting for waste energy

To improve energy efficiency, we all need to hunt down and reduce waste energy. Alfa Laval has the technology, expertise, and service to maximize your heat transfer efficiency. Use our new tool to calculate how much you can save today.

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