Unique design features of a Packinox heat exchanger

With over 80 years’ experience working with thermal technology, we are continuously improving our products to keep them reliable, energy efficient, and top of the range. The Packinox+ is yet another example of how we can deliver this. Combining state of the art technology and improved, digital customer support, these unique features set us apart from anything available for high pressure processes today.



Alfa Laval Packinox+ with FlexFlow ensures maximial performance for assymetric flows

Maximal performance for assymetric flows 

Traditionally, the use of Packinox heat exchangers has been targeting duties with fairly symmetric flows since the channel gap was the same on both fluid circuits. With the introduction of the FlexFlow design, the benefits of Packinox technology are now extended to duties with significantly different (asymmetric) flows.
FlexFlow opens new opportunities to use Packinox in a wide range of industries where large-scale heat recovery is required.

Each Packinox heat exchanger is engineered to order and optimized to the conditions it will operate under.
If the flowrates, viscosity, requested pressure drops, etc. for the hot and cold flows differ, the heat exchanger is designed with different gap widths for the two streams. This makes it possible to optimize the pressure drop on each side individually.


Explosion forming

Alfa Laval Packinox Explosion Forming maximizes reliability

High-strength plates with long, reliable lifetime 

The pattern on a Packinox heat transfer plate is formed by the shockwave from an underwater explosion. This one-step operation minimizes residual stresses in the plates, making them mechanically stronger. The end result is very high operating reliability and longevity.



Alfa Laval Packinox+ with HyperCut increases reliability and reduces pressure drop

Unique plate design that increases reliability and reduces pressure drop

The design of our patented HyperCut plates increases the mechanical robustness and operating reliability of your Packinox heat exchanger, reduces the pressure drop over the distribution areas, and improves operability. This makes it possible to maximize heat recovery, and in turn minimize size and CAPEX, or to reduce the overall pressure drop


Watch the video to the right to find out more about how you can improve reliability and efficiency in your operations with HyperCut.


Spray Bar

Alfa Laval Packinox Spray Bar

Spray Bar optimizes mixing

Internal mixing of the liquid feed and recycle gas is unique for Packinox heat exchangers. Our patented Spray Bar technology ensures perfect mixing, resulting in better heat transfer, less mechanical stress and more reliable operation compared to mixing in the inlet pipe.

Watch this video to learn how you can optimize liquid-gas mixing with Spray Bar.



Alfa Laval ALOnline digital services for maximum uptime and performance

Digital services for maximum uptime and performance 

We offer a range of digital services for our Packinox heat exchangers, including process optimization, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance through our Packinox Performa software, as well as remote guidance and support from our experts via video link.

Discover our online services

Learn more about Packinox Performa



ALOnsite - Qualified support at your facility
Qualified support at your facility 

No matter where you are located, you are never far from a local team of trained Alfa Laval service engineers. To make sure you get the most from your Packinox heat exchanger, we can always dispatch support to your facility – even at short notice.

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