Heat treatment modules

Alfa Laval provides a range of standardized heat treatment equipment to eliminate or reduce the number of live microorganisms in a product, thereby improving microbiological stability and increasing shelf life. The various process design configurations of the heat treatment equipment mean that the pre-engineered plate heat exchanger-based pasteurizing modules can be easily customized to different requirements and plugged into a system for a quick operational start-up.

Flexitherm heat treatment equipment

Our thermal equipment meets your heat treatment needs

  • Proven bacteria elimination process to extend shelf life
  • Energy-efficient and high-quality plate heat exchangers at the heart of the process
  • Stable and reliable operation that ensures gentle and consistent product treatment
  • Low hold-up volume in plate heat exchangers ensures minimum product loss
  • Sanitary and compact designs with low maintenance requirements

The self-contained heat treatment equipment is pre-assembled and factory-tested before delivery. The thermal equipment is designed for CIP and, in compliance with food industry regulations, all components in contact with process liquids are made of stainless steel with heat-resistant seals. The range includes heat treatment equipment modules for high-viscous products as well as specially designed ones to deactivate spent brewer’s yeast thermally.

Our range of thermal equipment for your applications:

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For the aseptic thermal treatment of a wide range of food productsSteriTherm

Beverage & Brewery 

For pasteurization of beer and other carbonated beverages: Flexitherm or Flexitherm Core

For thermally deactivating spent brewer’s yeast: Thermolyser

For bacteriological treatment of deaerated water: Aldox Core SPD