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Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger service

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Plate heat exchanger service for every brand

With Alfa Laval, you have one partner to optimize the performance of all your plate heat exchangers – no matter what brand.


Looking for help with something specific?

One service plan to cover all your plate heat exchanger needs

With one single contract from Alfa Laval, you get:

  • System analysis and optimization advice
  • Preventative maintenance to head off issues
  • Training and other forms of knowledge-sharing
  • Spare parts for every installed plate heat exchanger brand
  • Identification of critical and long lead-time spare part needs
  • Emergency assistance, available 24/7
  • And much more

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Thanks to Alfa Laval, our heat exchangers will keep running on peak performance for many years to come!

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Prediction of gasket lifetime

Gasket material: NBRP

NBRP is Alfa Laval’s unique nitrile performance grade for high temperatures

Max. operation temperature

This temperature range refers to 0-100°C (32-212°F).







Estimated number of openings per year








*GPredict™ estimates are valid only for clean water duties, or applications using other fluids that have no chemical impact on the gasket. Gasket lifetime predictions are not available for units that employ aggressive media.

How long will your gaskets last?

Get a taste of the preventative planning benefits offered by the Alfa Laval GPredict™ tool. Based on your application data, our service experts can work with you to create a customized plan using this tool.
Run your numbers using this form. 

Take advantage of GPredict™ with a customized gasket prediction based on your installation by contacting us today.

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Maintenance plans for reliably excellent performance

We work together to map maintenance and spare parts needs for every brand of plate heat exchanger you have installed, minimizing unplanned downtime while optimizing performance.

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Get the parts you need, right when you need them. It’s easier than ever before.

We help you identify critical spare parts and those with long lead times. It’s quick and easy to order any part for any brand. In most cases, you can just use this form. Give it a try!

Taking the heat

Download our new report that outlines why the run to failure approach is a false economy. Take control with planned servicing, cutting downtime and losses whole improving your performance and impact on the environment.

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With nearly 90 years of experience with plate heat exchangers, you can rest easy with your equipment in our hands. We have service centres, field service networks, and service partners across the globe, ready to support you.