Equipment solutions for Floating Production Systems

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Processes onboard floating production systems require large capacities of steam, hot water or thermal oil as well as mandatory safety equipment that may require an inert gas system. Alfa Laval has a proven track record in supplying innovative and environmentally friendly solutions comprised of modularized boiler and inert gas system installations for a broad range of floating production systems.


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Product range

Multi fuel fired boilers

Multi-fuel combustion technology (MDO, HFO, crude oil and fuel gases) with integrated burner design that minimizes refractory. Modular supply options to reduce overall project delivery time.

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Waste heat recovery

Production of steam, hot water and hot oil. Efficient heating surface design that reduces weight and footprint. Special design to suit gas turbines in the oil and gas market

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Inert gas systems

Combustion based inert gas production using MGO, MDO and gas as fuel. The system is package supply as “plug-and-play” modules or on base frames.

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24/7 service and support

From the time we carry out commissioning of new boiler plants and inert gas systems and train the future operators in daily maintenance and safety features, Alfa Laval maintains a close contact with shipowners and end users worldwide. Our International Marine Service organization provides professional support and complete service.


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Boiler repair

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Gas conversions

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Condition audit

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Spare parts

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