2024-05-08 Product news

Quench your thirst for innovation: Food and beverages with less water

Join Alfa Laval's virtual event on June 14 as we share our insights gained over 140 years of experience in food and beverage innovation. Find out how you can produce more food and beverages, while using less water and emitting less carbon at a competitive operational expense to:
  • Strengthen your license to operate in areas with water stress: Consumers and regulators increasingly demand sustainable practices. Companies that strike a balance between financial gain and circular water use will secure long-term access to resources and markets.
  • Build resilience through implementing water-saving strategies to mitigate water risks, securing production against future water shortages and unforeseen disruptions.
  • Become known as industry leaders in sensible water management, attracting investment, workforce talent, and capturing market share before water scarcity takes hold.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts how you can respond to developing ESG practices and regulations and build long-term water resilience to secure uninterrupted business operations.

More about Corporate Water Stewardship with Alfa Laval


Alfa Laval Water Industry Manager Eline Suijlen will host the live event in discussion with Lars Dithmer, President Alfa Laval BU Food Systems, and Carl Rehncrona, President Alfa Laval BU Decanters.  

Concrete examples of how Alfa Laval already works with food and beverage producers will be shared by experts.  

The 1-hour event will conclude with a 20-minute session where you, the audience, will have the opportunity to raise questions, which will be answered by the expert panel in the studio. 



“At Alfa Laval, we are now digging deeper to understand how our wide range of complementary solutions can be brought into play to expedite efforts to drive down emissions and reverse global warming, while enabling us to move more swiftly to adapt to ongoing climate changes,” says Eline Suijlen. “It is with this purpose in mind that we engage subject-matter experts in a discussion of how we enable food and beverage producers to adapt and secure future prosperity for their respective companies.”  

Information about the panel speakers: 

Eline Suijlen - Water Industry Manager 

Lars Dithmer - President Alfa Laval BU Food Systems 

Carl Rehncrona - President Alfa Laval BU Decanters 

Maria Lindmark – Business Development Director, Alfa Laval Revos Innovation Centre 

Gert Ternström - Head of Global sales, Evaporation 

Justyna Szczepanska – Development Engineer, Alfa Laval Test & Application Centre for Membrane solutions 

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