Dry Dock Services for Alfa Laval Aalborg boilers

Review of equipment condition, performed periodically to optimize maintenance schedules, increase reliability or as a pre-inspection in preparation for major repair work, life extension or scheduled dry docking. See more about scope of services and benefits along them. 



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When it comes to your boiler systems, the best time for preventive maintenance is when your vessel is in dry dock. Taking advantage of the opportunity improves boiler system reliability and reduces the risk of boiler downtime when your vessel is in service.

Boiler pressure part inspection

Alfa Laval boiler pressure part inspection

Performance audit for Aalborg boilers

Performance audit for Aalborg boilers

Dry Dock Services for Aalborg boilers

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  • Reduced risk of breakdowns or even off-hire
  • Prolonged boiler lifetime
  • Long-term cost savings via optimized maintenance schedules

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  • Minimized operating costs
  • Opportunities to improve your equipment and
  • Fixed price with maximum return on investment

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  • Optimized combustion and overall boiler performance
  • Long-term reduction of OPEX
  • Extended boiler lifetime

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