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Meet the new PX 810 Bactofuge - gentle productivity and hermetic design for industrial fermentation

Alfa Laval is launching the PX 810 Bactofuge, a smaller sized centrifugal separator developed to offer high efficiency with increased yield in industrial fermentation applications. The latest member of Alfa Laval’s growing Bactofuge separator range, PX 810 is displayed at ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, 11–15 June.

“The Alfa Laval PX 810 Bactofuge is ideal for a wide range of separation duties in biotech and involving bio-based chemicals,” says Stephen Cripps, Manager, Global Sales Biopharma & Industrial Fermentation at Alfa Laval. “In addition ensuring high product quality with outstanding throughput – even at high cell loads – it also reduces energy consumption by as much as 40%.”

 True separation innovation

“The secret to the so-called gentle productivity of the PX 810 Bactofuge are a number of innovative features that are unique to Alfa Laval separators,” explains Cripps. “Chief among these are the Alfa Laval Bactofuge technology and Hermetic Design.”

 The Bactofuge technology refers to Alfa Laval’s special solution for continuous solids discharge, which enables increased production capacity with significantly higher throughput. In certain applications, Bactofuge also makes it possible to preserve the quality of discharged solids for later re-use. In these ways, the feature greatly boosts plant profitability with a minimal capital cost.

 With Alfa Laval’s Hermetic Design, PX 810 Bactofuge can secure very gentle acceleration of the broth while simultaneously preventing contact with air inside the separator. In addition to providing maximum product quality, this reduces the separator’s energy consumption and allows for more efficient separation.

 A Bactofuge for any need

“PX 810 joins the already released PX 714 and PX 218 Bactofuge models,” says Cripps. “With these three different sizes, the Bactofuge range can now support small, medium and large-capacity applications, and it makes it easy to scale up production if your plant expands.”

 Learn more about PX 810 Bactofuge at https://www.alfalaval.com/px810bactofuge You can also read about the other Alfa Laval products on display at ACHEMA by going to https://www.alfalaval.com/achema2018.

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