PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition for superyachts

Even superyachts must comply with ballast water treatment regulations, but the last thing a yacht owner wants is to think about them. Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition combines a minimal footprint with maximum ease of use – and means sailing freedom in the widest range of waters.

PureBallast 3 compact yacht final


Quality made to fit

With its minimal footprint and compact, skid-mounted design, PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition is ideal for superyachts. Delivered as a plug-and-play module, it has a high-gloss white yacht finish and comprises only high-quality materials – including SMO piping.


Easy for crews to use

PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition is designed to blend in, but its ease of use stands out. Chemical-free
UV technology and full automation make it safe and simple for yacht crews to handle, from the daily operations to the minimal amount of maintenance required.


Peace of mind worldwide

Owning a superyacht is all about freedom, and PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition provides access to the widest range of waters. It excels in any water salinity or temperature, and even in low-clarity waters. Plus it comes with Alfa Laval’s unparalleled global support.

Ballast water compliance made simple

Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition shrinks proven performance in ballast water treatment into a size ideal for a superyacht. Delivered as a plug-and-play module, it slips easily into any engine room layout with its compact design and pristine white finish.
Better still, PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition is the right fit for crews and their busy routines. The UV technology demands little in terms of operation or maintenance, and there are no chemicals to stock or handle on board.

For owners, PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition is the perfect fit for a leisurely lifestyle, offering effortless compliance wherever they choose to sail. Not only does it handle the widest range of water qualities, it carries the peace of mind of Alfa Laval’s worldwide service backing.


PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition brochure

Find out why PureBallast 3 Yacht Edition is the right choice for superyachts – and above all for those who design, build, operate and own them. Our brochure will give you a more complete overview, including dimensional information and relevant technical specifications.



Service and support worldwide

Alfa Laval’s service team is available 24/7 and wherever you sail, providing everything you need for peace of mind. Our experts can take full responsibility for the inspections, calibrations and other services required by the regulations, and our offering includes PureBallast Connect digital services to help you reduce OPEX.

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PureBallast training

Having the right ballast water treatment system is only one part of securing compliance. The crew must also be able to use it – safely, correctly and efficiently. PureBallast 3 training is available on board, online and at centres worldwide, so that crews can get the knowledge they need to ensure proper operation and care.

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